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Music Lessons in San Jose

We believe that you are eager to get exposed and to have your children exposed to music, developing on their way their talents, discipline perseverance and skills for music making.

Unlike many schools, we admit to our piano class students as young as three-year-olds, and we even teach expectant parents music, so that their unborn yet babies also learn. We do not only have bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in our instruments but also certificates in early childhood education, and the knowledge of age-based psychology helps us teach children of any age as well as adults.

Software engineers, nurses, scientists and attorneys come to our school to make their dream of playing instruments or singing come true. We teach music to seniors, who can now realize themselves as amateur musicians and enjoy their performances for their friends.

We adjust our teaching styles and methods to the abilities and needs of our students and do not insist that all of them learn fast and perform frequently. But those who do want to accelerate their study can always count on our supportive professional attitude.

Многие современные родители отводят музыке лишь развлекательную роль. Они не знают, что классическая, народная музыка – одно из самых могучих средств духовного формирования человека. Ранняя встреча с музыкой обеспечит эволюцию характера. Детские впечатления остаются с человеком навсегда и часто предрешают весь будущий склад его натуры. Непреходяшее могущество музыки в том, что она оказывает великое нравственное, эстетическое воздействие на человека. Она созидает человека, лечит не только его душу, но и тело. Read more


San Jose Piano Our piano instructors are university educated, and some of them have a master’s degree in performing and teaching, while some have a California teacher credential in music in addition to their bachelor’s degree. One of our piano instructors, Larysa Yost, who represents the Russian piano school, has a certificate in early childhood education. That’s why, she admits to her piano class the youngest children ( 3 years old and sometimes even younger) and successfully teaches the children and their parents. Our piano instructors believe that parents’ participation in the educational process is the key for their children’s success. We allow one parent to be present at the lessons and do video recording in order to use the recorded materials for couching the children at home. We are warm, encouraging and giving people, who enjoy teaching. Read more


San Jose Guitar All our classical guitar instructors are highly educated, and some of them have Master’s degree in guitar performance. One of the instructors has graduated from USC with a bachelor’s degree and is now working on his Master’s degree in guitar at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He’s been certified as a Suzuki method teacher and a teacher at Music Together. His teaching experience includes his giving group lessons at Le Port Montessori Private School in Mission Viejo, being a guitar teacher at Irvine Art and Music School in Irvine. He’s been a prize winner at the 2010 American String Teachers’ Association competition. He’s been teaching not only classical guitar music but also pop and rock. He has developed teaching techniques that allow students to easily understand musical concepts and maintain an optimistic attitude towards the learning experience. Read more

Prenatal and Preschool Music

Sunnyvale Preschool Music This program is designed in order to enhance prenatal learning through specific pregnancy exercises and special prenatal music. Future fathers get actively involved in the pregnancy, and they learn such new skills as playing simple simple songs (mostly lullabies) on the tuned bells and piano and singing. Future Moms and Fathers get bonded well when learning together with their unborn babies. In preschool music and movement class toddlers develop listening skills, learn different rhythmic patterns and melodies. They play short melodies on xylophones, drums, maracas triangles, mini keyboards.They learn how to perform in public and participate in our recitals. Read more

Violin and Viola

Sunnyvale Violin We offer violin and viola lessons. One of our violin and viola teachers earned her Master of Music degree from San Francisco Conservatory of music. She has played under the baton of numerous influential conductors. She is as committed to teaching as she is to performing, and she has already worked for a decade as a music school teacher. Read more


Sunnyvale Voice You’ll be astounded listening to the singing of our voice teachers,
who are most talented, extremely well educated and experienced performers and instructors.
One of our voice instructor began singing professionally at the age of eight as a boy soprano in the Ragazzi Boys Chorus, whose member he’s been for ten years. He performed with the ensemble domestically and abroad (in Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and British Columbia). After Ragazzi, he continued his musical studies at Notre Dame de Namur University as a recipient of the Emerging Artist Scholarship and got a bachelor’s degree in voice as Read more

Russian Children’s Choir

Choir by Russian Children At Trio School, where most of the teachers are representing the Russian music and language, our students sing a lot during instrumental music lessons and during lessons of the Russian language. We are happy to invite Russian speaking children of different ages to build a singing community, which will sing as a vocal and instrumental ensemble in the beginning, then, when it grows, as a choir. Those students, who have already learned how to play instruments, will accompany their own singing and the singing of their peers.

The repertoire is based on the most popular songs from Russian cartoons and films for 4-11 Read more

Benefits of Learning Music at Our School

Music is the universal language. The great composers of the world have had an enormous impact on all of our lives. Their work continues to inspire people all of the world, filling its listeners with joy, wonder, sadness, passion and every emotion conjured up by the compositions of a hard-working artists, who understood the importance of both love and discipline in music. Music is not simply an after-school hobby, but a rewarding art form that can remain with students throughout their lives.

At Trio School, we educate, challenge and nurture our students; we help them acquire needed skills and techniques for practicing music. We encourage them to participate in the recitals every three months, and we instill in them the respect for their audiences. Many of them also enroll in Math lessons and Chess lessons because there is a strong connection between music and those subjects.

What people say about San Jose Piano

Our 4-year-old son has been attending the Trio school music and learning piano from Ms. Larysa for a couple of months now and we are very happy with the way he is learning and picking up the lessons. The instructor Ms. Larysa encourages parents to learn along with the child, so that the parents can help and practice the right way at home, and this strategy really works well and also helping in a better family time at home. The instructor also encourages us to shoot videos of the lessons that will serve as reference to us at home while we are practicing.
-Rakesh and Sirisha Patwari